Saturday, March 22, 2008

Precious Metal Clay

"Metal clay is a unique material, a new technology that allows the artist to form pure gold and silver jewelry in an organic, tactile way unlike any other tradition they may have previously known. Fire in the form of a torch or kiln transforms this wonderfully malleable "clay" into solid silver or gold. Polished steel tools are then used to burnish the precious item to a gleaming luster. Imagination completes the process, turning a beautiful object into personal adornment." - Lora Hart. I am just starting to explore this medium and am having a great time creating with it. I have taken two classes so far to learn PMC techniques, and I cannot wait to take more! In the last class I took, the instructor tripped on the way to the kiln dropping the bowl of our creations, and it was all reduced to dust when it shattered on the floor. It was devastating to see 8 hours of hard work go down the drain, however, it forced me to go home with the techniques I learned and remake my pieces. Here are a few of the things I have created so far.


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