Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekends go too fast.....

Where did the weekend go???? It was super hot, but that didn't slow me down. Saturday I rode in the morning before it got too hot. Kylie was great. Chad and I then went to the Make Music Festival in Pasadena. Sidewalks, parks, courtyards, alleys, building lobbies and other unconventional performance spaces were spontaneous musical stages. We heard one particularly good band called Switches. They were a British rock sounding band - we bought their album Lay Down The Law. After hearing them, it was time to cool off with a beer (or two) at Gordon Biersch. Then it was off to Missy's pool to meet Kim and Pete. After cooling off there we went for Sushi at Noda with Charlie, Woodman & Jon. We ended the busy day with a drink at Magnolia. One of my favorite spots for a cocktail. I like the outdoor setting. It is located on south Lake across from Borders one block north of California. It's very small, and there's a huge tree in the middle of its courtyard where the bar is with firefly lights all over it. Reminds me of back east. I love the textured wallpaper, the cool lights, and the clear furniture.

Sunday morning I rode Kylie, like usual, then I went out to see Mazzy and gave her a bath, let her run around in the new covered round pen, and walked her around a few miles. I took her up to the big barn and put her on the cross ties for some more grooming. The stallion was going crazy and she was a little freaked out at first but settled right down and was happy to be primped. I really think she is going to grow up to be a great horse (at least I hope). One of the dogs there, an Australian Sheppard "Jenny" had puppies with a chocolate lab, and they are adorable! They all look like chocolate labs, not at all like their mother. I am so tempted to take one home, but I guess I do not need another dog. I sat in the pen with them as all 7 of them crawled all over me – I was in heaven! I have a weakness for chocolate lab puppies! They were fat and squishy and made cute puppy noises. I’m curious if they will grow up looking more “mixed” than they do now, because you really cannot tell they are anything but chocolate labs. Sunday evening I spend a few hours reconditioning my Antares saddle, and it looks great! It must have been SO dry, because it is now a beautiful chocolate brown and before it was tan. Mazzy will be happy to be sporting such a pretty saddle!


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