Friday, July 18, 2008

Dena House

A group got together (Stephany & Robert, Ted, LAPD Dave, Cheryl & Kimo) to try out some sushi at a new place in town, Dena House. I thought it was good, except Chad got a bad piece of Uni, which kind of ruined his experience. We ordered Crispy Spicy Tuna, which is one of my favorite sushi specialtyies, so I was stoked when I saw they offered it. Thier menu is HUGE, aside from an extensive sushi menu they have chinese food, burgers, mexican, pastas, they brew a few of thier own beers, a little bit of an odd combination, but we'll see how it works in the doomed location of 42 S De Lacey Ave (it has been a long-line of failures from a Jerry's Deli to, most recently, Union Cattle Co. - boo hoo the mechanical bull is now gone). Its hard to belief that the quality of all of their different dishes is good given the fact that they have over 50. We also had a sexy roll, I tried a piece of Dena roll, which was great, and the Ono was fabulous!
It was then off to The Yard House to meet some more friends.....Chad had a run in with one of the bartenders. It was a similar experience to the one I had a few moths ago (when they wouldn't serve me with an expired driver's license, what that has to do with verifying my age I still do not know). The bartender was extremely rude (like many of them are there). They just don't know how to treat thier customers, especially the regulars, which Chad WAS. Now we have both crossed The Yard House off of our lists. Yeah!


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