Monday, August 25, 2008

Mazzy's First Show!

I went out with my trailer to Somis to pick up Mazzy to bring her to the horse show, and no one was around to help load her. Thankfully, she is so calm and sweet, she walked right onto the trailer and I was able to load her all by myself! When we arrived at the horses show, I wasn't too sure what to expect, being that she is only two and has hardly been off the property she has grown up on, I was at the least expecting some excitement. Much to my surprise, she walked off the trailer and acted like she had been there 100 times before. Calm as can be. I set up her stall and took her for a walk around. She seemed completely happy and content. After getting her stall organized and feeding her I left her for the night.
When I arrived at the crack of dawn Saturday she was all braided and looked stunning. My little baby had really grown up! She continued to behave perfectly even with all the excitement of show day. Although she did not win her class, she was by far the best behaved (and biggest)! I was very proud. She received lots of complements, and our first show was a complete success!


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