Sunday, September 14, 2008

White Trash Party

Last night we went to a trailer trash party at Malibu Family Winery (Saddlerock Ranch) which is located on 1,000 acres in Malibu for Chris Ramstead's 30th B-day (its his girlfriend's parents winery). The family has a "trailer park" set up called Camp Cabernet. The space features seven chicly remodeled Airstreams, Dalton, Spartan and Shasta trailers dotting a scenic vineyard-view (they were unbelievable). It was a perfect setting for a white trash party! We drove out with the Bagan's and everyone was dressed so great! I had the ugliest pink housedress on with curlers in my hair, a ring on every finger and a black eye. Chad had a long black wig, a flat billed hat and a plaid flannel. There were lots of pregnant costumes, missing teeth, 80's rock band shirts, stretch pants, skin-tight jeans, curlers and bathrobe, heavy blue eye shadow...hilarious!! They even had redneck food...mac and cheese, coors light and lots of 40's, squirt cheese, Funions. Chris did a great job putting it all together.

Daytime view of "Camp Cabernet"
Inside view of one of the Airsteams:Night view of the trailer park.....
Chad and I going "home"....


Silver Canyons said...

love the first photo - hilarious!
The inside of that airstream is so pretty! I have never seen the inside of one before!!
Looks like you all had a lot of fun :):):)

moxylyn said...

This is too funny! I'm going to a redneck wedding in 3 weeks and I hope I can handle it!

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