Saturday, June 13, 2009


Oh where, oh where have you gone? Thick clouds, fog and drizzle...I know "June Gloom" comes every year, but really I think I've had enough of this depressing weather! I haven't seen the sun in a week. This is the gloomiest of all June Glooms I can remember. From May to November the weather is pretty much the same here (sunny), and I like it that way. Usually the weatherman is questioning his right to exist. I wouldn't do well in Seattle, this weather definitely effects my mood.

I hardly want to leave the house, and Kylie doesn't much want to been ridden in the drizzle either, but I am off to go ride her anyway.

Road to the barn (through my windshield)

Daylilly with raindrops


storybeader said...

at least the flowers seem to like it! June is almost halfway over already!

Kate said...

Ah, June in California - well you have to have some unpleasant weather to make for the good bits, after all!

Kathleen Coy said...

It's been really cool here in the Midwest. I'm trying to enjoy it, because it's usually so hot and humid, lol.

Paint Girl said...

I must be getting your weather here, it hasn't rained in over 26 days. Which is VERY unusual for the month of June! I think yours and my weather has switched places! I am definately not going to complain though!!

Stephanie said...

sorry for the bad weather!
gets depressing without seeing the sun :)

Julia said...

I love fog, I love fog, I love fog. Give me some pleeeease!!!

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