Saturday, October 17, 2009


We decided to name her Scout. She had a big day today. I took her to the vet this morning to get some antibiotics for her cough. They looked her over, cleaned her ears, trimmed her nails and assured me with some good nutrition, a bath, and some TLC she will be fine. She was a good patient with her tail wagging the whole time. She is a little shy, but very friendly. I then took her on some errands and she was a great companion. She rides in the car perfectly, sat quietly just watching out the window.

I then took her to the barn. Mazzy got cast in the turnout from rolling to close to the edge, but thankfully she didn't panic and managed to scoot herself around and get her tangled legs out. The turnouts there are really hazardous, but there is no other option unless I don't want my horses to leave their stalls. She did pull a shoe in the turn out though, so another day that I couldn't ride her. What a bummer! The rain this week put a damper on things. So last Sunday was the last time I rode her. I rode Kylie for a little while, but didn't want to do too much because the ring was like cement since it hadn't been dragged since it was sealed for the rain. It felt like a paved road. Ugh! So I took Scout home to get some things done around the house.

How can people be so neglectful of their pets??? Not even sure if Scout was ever someone's pet but I assume she was. I found five big fat ticks on her so far (gross!!!), so she for sure was wondering around somewhere far from here, but I guess I'll never know her story. In the nine years I've had Murphy he has never had one tick. They just aren't that common around here, and he goes everywhere. I was hoping the Frontline would have kill them, but they were very much alive. I gave her a bath today, which was probably the first one she has ever had.

Murphy is the best big brother!!!

Topaz isn't quite sure about Scout yet. If I hold Topaz she is ok, and Scout is very gentle with her, but if she is on the ground she get nervous and runs. I tried explaining to Topaz that we needed to rescue Scout and give her a nice home, just like we did for her, but I guess I wasn't explaining it in a way she could understand. I'm sure in a few days they will all be hanging out.


Desert Rose said...

Scout sure is a cute girl! And I noticed her new appearal around her neck! I am sure everyone will be one big happy family soon!!!

Paint Girl said...

I love the name Scout, she is so pretty! I am so happy to hear she is doing well. Since I volunteer at a dog/cat rescue, I have always wondered the past on the animals. But we will never know why they ended up there. It is so sad. I am so happy that you adopted Scout, now she can have a good life!
Topaz is getting so big!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Scout is purdy! And it looks as though she's beginning to fit right in.
She's so lucky to have found you!

jrosey said...

Yay for Scout! And yay for you. Makes my heart so warm to see people take a chance on a rescue. They so often turn out to be wonderful, amazing companions. Sounds like Scout is the perfect lady and she's lucky you found her! She's a beuty too! Way to go! :)

Stephanie said...

Scout is beautiful and sure is lucky to have a found a new family to love and get love from!

allhorsestuff said...

Ha..glad you got a laugh from the "tail/trailin' girl" I was on that ride...I chuckled too!

Scout is going to be sooo happy with you all there. She looks reserved in the photo's -but- not too long and she'll be jumpin for joy as she's forever going to be love for her there!
Ouuuu...ick ticks! Glad you spotted those.
Someday I dream of a rescue dog I find- for me and Wa to share the trails with!

storybeader said...

everyone looks so content... I'm sure you have a loving family there, and the vibes permeate! Love Scout's one ear up, one ear down. {:-Deb

Shelly's Stuff Jewelry said...

I think the name fits her perfectly.

The Wife said...

Scout was lucky to find you! I had a stray show up about two weeks ago. Blind in one eye, scarred up, scared to death, skin and bones. I can't believe people can be so cruel. At least there are good people in the world like you to give them great homes!

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