Monday, April 5, 2010

April Birthstones: Diamond, Opal, and Sapphire

If you were born in the month of April, certain gem stones have more vibration power for you because they are associated with the time of your birth. There are numerous traditions that have been developed over the centuries that connect a particular gemstone to your birth month.

Diamond (modern, traditional, Ayurvedic) : The Diamond is a category unto itself. The world's most popular gemstone and the world's hardest material make sparkling, brilliant and timeless. Diamonds are a wonder of nature. Their cold sparkling fire has held us spell-bound for centuries, inspiring rich passionate myths of romance, intrigue, power, greed, and magic. Ancient Hindus, finding diamonds washed out of the ground after thunderstorms, believed they were created by bolts of lightning.

Sapphire: (Ancient Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Roman, and Russian April Birthstone) Sun Sign (Star Sign) - Taurus. The sapphire is most often linked to qualities of loyalty, faithfulness and honesty.

Opal: Mystical April Birthstone. Opals symbolized hope, good luck, happiness and truth. Opal lore reveals that many feel that this gem can improve insight into the future as well as improve your eyesight when you wear it. Many also believe in the lore that opal gems will help others see your inner beauty as your patience and confidence is heightening when wearing opal gemstones.


fernvalley01 said...

Great info, ans lovely peices as always

Andrea said...

Oh that cool water bracelet is beautiful!! I love it! You do amazing work!!

Andrea said...

I LOVE the Shimmering Tide Bangle!! Very cool and the Cool Water bracelet is beautiful!! You do such nice work!

Kay | Business Card Printing said...

I didn't know that Opal is for April. I thought it is for October thanks for the information now I know :) I really love the bracelets they look so cute!

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