Monday, May 24, 2010

Mazzy Update

Saturday was a huge milestone for Mazzy and me. I did four leadchanges and jumped a few crossrails. First time for both (with me) and she was perfect! Unfortunately no photos or video of the momentus event. The lead changes were pretty easy, which I was glad because I have seen horses that have sticky lead changes and that is just something else to have to worry about when trying to navigate a course. I'm lucky with Kylie, I don't think I even ask for changes, she just does them automatically, unless I need to get one in a bending line, then I have to ask. There are too many other things to have to think about aside from whether you are going to get a clean change in the corner.

Sunday we had a schooling horse show at the barn. I did the two Jr/Am flat classes with Mazzy and she was good. The competition was a bit out of our league, including horses that have won at indoors, A/O hunter champion, etc. and I am sure all the horses had at least 3 or more years on us, but it was great experience. They were all my barnmates, so I warned them ahead of time that if I cut them off I apologize, but my stearing sometimes out of whack. Luckily, I picked up the correct lead in both directions, and I didn't pass anyone or have to circle. Funny the things you take for grated on a trained horse! I need to work on keeping her head in a better frame at the canter, but sometimes this makes her break into the trot, so I figured it was better to keep her cantering with her head higher than I would like, instead of chancing a break into the trot. Good progress, but so much to work on.


Marissa said...

Sounds like a success! Baby steps with your little girl! It will all come together. So jealous of the easy lead changes -- definitely a blessing!

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