Thursday, September 22, 2011

Every Equine LLC - foul weather equine apparel

My good friend, Jeannie, made a beautiful custom fly sheet for Mazzy. It fits perfectly, and is exactly what I was looking for..shoulder gusset, leg straps, tail guard, stretchy breathable material. The quality is better than any other fly sheet I have ever had, and I have had MANY. Our barn is over run with flies, so Mazzy lives in a flysheet whenever there are flies.

EVERY EQUINE LLC was established in 2007 to help the equestrian that wants to ride, even when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate. All of their products are MADE IN USA and only made from the finest quality materials, to ensure that your mount stays as comfortable as possible in inclement weather! This is the only patented Quarter Sheet and saddle pad combination of its kind. I think it is a very cool idea, and would definetly get one if it was cold enough in southern California to need one. I remember the days of riding with quarter sheets or riding with a cooler on my horse out to the ring and back. She even makes a water resistent quarter sheet.

From ponies, to horses, to large warmbloods, EVERY EQUINE LLC has products that will fit your equine partner – and will make it easier for you to ride, compete, train, and show in foul weather. EVERY EQUINE’s sheets offer two options for storing when not in use: 1)conveniently roll up and attach via Velcro straps when the sheet is no longer needed OR 2) detach from straps on pad and store Quarter Sheet. Great for trail rides or at horse shows!

“It is so important to keep the back muscles warm during exercise, especially in the winter months. This quarter sheet accomplishes that and also has the unique quality of being able to easily detach from the saddle for winter time showing! My horses don’t go out for work in cold weather without it!” Callan Solem, Callan Solem Show Stables – Chester Springs, PA

Please support my friend, Jeannie, and order up one of her great products! Would make a wonderful Christmas gift!

Owner: Jeannie Mattioni

(609) 230-6182


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