Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer: Santa Barbara 2013

This year, I have committed to participating in my very first Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I am walking for my mom, Jill Edwards Dickison, who had breast cancer two times and lost her 10 year battle on 11/23/2001. I think she’d definitely be proud of us for walking. I know she’ll be up there watching over us. She was my best friend on top of being a great mom. I was so lucky to have had her as a mom, to know her for the 28 years I knew her. She loved to decorate, garden, entertain, cook, she loved hummingbirds, teddy bears, daisies, and to travel to warm sunny places, and she loved hot air balloons. Team Up Up and Away!

I am also walking for my mom’s first cousin Nancy Schaufele who passed away 10/24/12 after battling cancer for the past four years. She was a cancer survivor having lived over 25 years after beating breast cancer in 1986.

The two-day, 39.3-mile walk is something I can do. I can't discover a cure for cancer, as much as I want to, but I can raise money and I can walk. This is such great cause and I am so excited to be able to take part in this great event and help fight for a cure. "Every Woman Deserves A Lifetime!!"

We are walking to bring the world 39 miles closer to a cure for breast cancer. On the first day, the goal is to walk 26.2 miles. After a night’s rest in tents provided for the walkers, the second day’s walk will span 13.1 miles.

It is a big commitment, one that will require me to train and fundraise. Breast cancer is a big disease, one that affects far too many women and men, and I am determined to do everything I can to help put an end to it.

But I do need help, and no amount is too small to matter. My minimum fundraising goal, the amount I need to even be able to participate in the walk, is $1,800. I know times are trying, and I will not be disappointed if you are unable to donate. But please consider donating now, or at any point in the coming months if you are able.
The money I raise will be managed and disbursed by the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade, a 501(c)(3) public charity, to help provide access to care for those that most need it, fund educational programs, and accelerate research into new treatments and potential cures. I will be just one of thousands of people that will walk a marathon and a half over a weekend, raising awareness of the cause and educating even more people.

One person is diagnosed with breast cancer every three minutes, and one person dies of it every 14 minutes. We walk to raise awareness and inspire others to do the same. We walk for the survivors, for those we lost, for their families and for our future. We sacrifice one day, two days, three days, weeks, months, years, so that one day, we hope in our lifetimes, we will find a cure. We walk because we can't walk away.

I will walk for EVERYONE with Breast cancer. I will walk with hopes and prayers for a cancer free tomorrow.

I am eager to get started with my fundraising and I need your support!

Hope you join us in this fight against breast cancer!


Me and My Mom


allhorsestuff said...

Lovely, talented, and now committed to train TARA!!!
, What a fabulous thing. That's amazing, oil have to read up more on the "tent"overnighter. Woo!

Yes, if love to help ( plus pay my bill!) Give me you're add for the bill, I'll sign up for the walk, at your link!

Your Mom was glowing in your weeding photo. She'll be so pleased, as you walk! ( I'm sure too)

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Hug that gorgeous mare!

allhorsestuff said...

SOO Sorry About The Typos- above!

Hoping You and your Fireman are Doing Alright. Just Saw The News About Fires

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