Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lipizzaner Show

My husband and I went to see the famous Lipizzaner Stallions tonight. It was entertaining and there were some parts that really impressed me, but it was a little bit "Escapadish". Of course, one is to expect this from a traveling entertainment show. Some things that really stood out to me were how well 12-14 stallions could get along in very tight maneuvers and tight quarters backstage. They pinned their ears as they passed in some of the formations, but not one "incident". That was quite amazing to me. I actually didn't believe they were all stallions, but it's hard to hide that....they all were, I looked. I also could not believe how incredibly well-behaved and calm they all were with the lights and the clapping and the odd surroundings. Chad asked me if they were drugged, I guess he is used to seeing alot of bad horse behavior in real life. They were all immaculately groomed and well-fed. I would love to know how they get them so white! one thing I was put off by was the "footing". They performed on a thin carpet. I know how important good footing is to keep my horses sound, so I was wondering how they kept them sound doing all their shows on that hard footing???Check out this guys neck! He reminded me of a Thelwell pony.Backstage:


SolitaireMare said...

Hi! I've seen this show twice in consecutive years. I always love the Lippi's! You are right, seeing the set-up backstage is as interesting as some of the show itself. We had seats right at the end where the horses entered the performance arena and I had fun watching them warm-up before they came in.

The flooring you speak of is actually a portable floor made of highly compressed newspaper shavings. If you notice, it's in sheets laid down and the seams are taped over. They would have to put down their own floor to perform on as most of these arenas just have concrete floors. I also wouldn't be surprised if these horses have some kind of rubber or other special shoes to help them as well.

This DVM's Wife's Life said...

Do you think they are all on Regumate or some calming agent? I wouldn't doubt it......Because that is alot of testosterone in such tight quarters.
Great fun and your husband went too! I would love to see them someday. Your pictures taken turned out great!

Celeste said...


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Rebecca said...

Wow they are incredible! I saw them once, many years ago in MA.
I heard a song the other day, it was country/western and it was "Five O Clock Somewhere", I'd never heard that song before and it made me think of your blog right away! Is this where you got the name for your blog?
I sent you a friend's award, you can get it at my blog!

feefifoto said...

I'm sure you know way more about horses than I do, but it's my understanding that they start gray and turn white as they mature. Plus, I have a whitening shampoo for my black and white dog, and it really makes her white parts gleam.

Hot Rocks said...

Beautiful horses! It must have been wonderful to see.

NICO Designs said...

The show will be here this coming Saturday. We will not be able to go but my DH said we will go next time they are in town (it seems like the show was here only a few months ago).

Your photos came out great!

fernvalley01 said...

They are amazing aren't they ?
I saw them first in Spain and they were breathtaking .I don't think they are sedated .By the time these horses are in the Spanish school demos they are up there in age and have literally years of training

glassyeyes said...

nice blog and Beautiful horses.

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