Monday, May 18, 2009

Malibu Winery

We had a nice Saturday afternoon at Malibu Family Winery, a local vineyard nestled in the picturesque mountains of west Malibu, celebrating our friends birthday. We were there in March, but the weather this time was sunnier and warmer. It was a beautiful day to lounge in the tranquil space of manicured lawns which are peppered with inviting Adirondack chairs, round stone-topped tables, and Italian olive trees. To the side of the grassy clearing sits a ranch-style stone structure which is the bar for wine tasting.

While sipping the delicious wines, on the hilltop grounds, we couldn't help but become fully immersed in the quietude of the Santa Monica Mountains. Lounging in the shade of trees, we listened to the bubbling of birdbaths and savored the peaceful silence, a refreshing break from the usual discordant sound of city traffic. We enjoyed gourmet sandwiches, artisan cheeses and berries along with our wine.

The wines we tried were 2002 Semler Syrah, 2005 Semler Merlot, 2001 Semler Malibu Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. Viva Malibu!

“Good wine is a good familiar creature if it be well used.” (-William Shakespeare)

The vines

a Hummingbird was bathing in the sprinkler

drinking from the barrel


Twisted Fencepost said...

Sounds so relaxing and peaceful.
My kinda place!

Paint Girl said...

Sounds lovely! I am not a huge wine drinker, but I'd go just to hang out in such a beautiful place!

jrosey said...

Sounds like such a great place! We have a few nice wineries up in WA, too and I really love them...especially on the Eastern side of the mountains, where it's a bit deserty. I just love the look of all the rows of vines and the beautiful landscaping. And the wine tasting's not bad either! ;)

storybeader said...

great photos! looks like fun! {:-D

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