Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mazzy's First Shoes

Now that Mazzy is in full work it was time to get her first shoes on. When wear exceeds growth, some form of protection becomes necessary. She behaved perfectly. There are only three valid reasons that horses are shod: protection, traction or to effect a therapeutic change in the way a horse moves. All else is vanity.

Protection is the most obvious reason: Simply put, if a horse's rate of foot wear exceeds his rate of foot growth, his foot must be protected in some way. If not protected, continuing the same routine, in the same environment, will cause soreness. Once sore, the owner can either lay him up while he grows out enough to protect himself with hoof wall and exfoliating sole, or shoe him and accomplish almost the same thing artificially.

Unfortunately, she pulled one less than 24 hours after getting them on. Geez! Luckily the farrier was back out and tacked it back on. Let's see how long it stays on. I've heard from some friends with young horses that this is common with horses getting their first shoes.


allhorsestuff said...

Ya know Tara..I think you jsut helped me make a decision aobut weather or not to shoe my mare. She has had them on once, my sissy did it to make sure she had the experience. Being a Thoroughbred and not known for good hooves, she totally has dispelled that..but the is killin me to put those boots on every stinkin time I decide to ride a certain terrain..and they twist sometimes, making it worrysome for an injury or pain for her.
The last drive way run cracked her feet so badly..some places way too short.
Glad Mazz was perfectly calm for the shoer!Things are moving ahead for you two so nicely!

Do shoes last about 6 weeks?
What do you now of "Pads"?
Thanks KacyK

allhorsestuff said...

I would like to display the "scabble picture" display on my blog for you..I think my animal and family folks would love to order it and that makes it easy!
Jsut tell me how to, and I will!

Anonymous said...

Our little TB mare Dawn, when we got her at age 4, had to wear bell boots 24/7 since she would take her front shoes right off - she's grown up now and that hasn't been a problem for years.

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

Kylie gets shod every 6 weeks and also wears pads due to prior nonseptic pedal osteitis which typically results from severe or chronic sole bruising sustained from repeated concussion during exercise. Ever since we changed her shoes about four years ago she has been great. Pads may help protect Wa's feet if you ride over rocky terrain.

The farrier will look at Mazzy in six weeks and decide if she needs to be redone then. He is out a few times a week so he can monitor when she is ready to be reshod. After a few months she will be on a routine schedule. Some horses can only go four weeks, some seven, it depends on how fast their feet grow.

Mountain Woman said...

What a good girl she was. I decided not to put shoes on this year. I pulled them before it snowed last October and I decided to go with a natural hoof this year. I'm so sorry she pulled a shoe so quickly.

Desert Rose said...

Good luck with the shoes...!

storybeader said...

I've never liked shoes. Yes, something you have to get use to...

Marissa said...

My Tucker still lives in bell boots and he's 7 by now! I'd definitely recommend throwing a pair of the rubber pull-ons that won't rub her ankles on her. Good luck!

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