Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hello Sun!

We finally got a break in the weather, but the rings are way too wet to ride. I have been handwalking the horses in between storms this week. Kylie has been fine, but this morning Mazzy didn't want to behave very well afer a week of being cooped up in her stall - silly and young. She had a few outbursts today while I was walking her due to some other even wilder horses setting her off. It was a crazy day at the barn with all the owners showing up to handwalk thier horses who have barely left thier stalls in a week. Luckily I got there early and avioded most of the commotion. As I was a leaving there was a horse that got loose from its owner. Not the most relaxing day.

Poor Kylie had another huge outbreak of hives. I just can't seem to get a handle on them, and have no idea what is causing them. The only thing left is her hay (unless it is airborne) since she is off everything else, her stall has changed (completely different shavings, and it is dry and clean), blankets & brushes washed. I started her back on the antihistamine Hydroxizine 2x/day.

Kylie looking out her stall door, wishing the rain would go away.

Backstroke in ring 1, anyone?


Stephanie said...

I would imagine that things could be a bit volatile after all the horses being cooped up for a week due to all your rain! What carzy weather, seems like ot long ago the fires were blazing away in your area and now mudslides.

Poor Kylie with all of those hives, how frustrating. Are they bothering her at all?

Hopefully the weather stays clear and the puddles dry up soon!

fernvalley01 said...

those hives do look bad ,did they start before all the humidity?I don't recall. hope you get drier ground and a break from all the troubles soon

Paint Girl said...

Poor Kylie! Those hives look so uncomfortable! I hope you can figure out what is causing them.
Glad to hear it has finally stopped raining there, hopefully it dries out quick so you can get back to riding!

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