Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Los Angeles Pounded by Heavy Rain; More on the Way

Let's build an ark! Forecasters said storms lasting through Friday could drop a total of 20 inches of rain on Southern California. Four winter storms are slamming into Southern California, dumping record rain on the Los Angeles area where only months before raging fires burned away mountainside ground cover. Today the second of the four storm system is sweeping across Southern California prompting power outages, mud flows and frustrating commutes. Even stronger storms, with heavy rain and powerful winds, are forecast to hit the region Wednesday and Thursday.

Still vulnerable to mudslides were residents in foothill areas torched by last year's Station fire. That 160,000-acre blaze destroyed about 80 homes in Los Angeles County. Scores of residents from those neighborhoods had been urged to evacuate. The evacuation orders were called because communities below wildfire-scarred mountains are at risk of debris flows and flash floods.

Winds and rain also left many in the dark Monday. More than 53,000 customers have lost power because of the rain in Southern California with more than 23,000 customers STILL without power in southern California as of 10 p.m. Monday PT (1 a.m. Tuesday ET), according to Lois Bruce, spokeswoman for Southern California Edison.

People here really go crazy when it rains. LA's mayor warns residents not to go outside if they don't have to...don't leave the house? Are you serious? It is rain! The news doesn't help the situation, they've been covering the rain like a hurricane is coming. Since I grew up on the east coast this seems very funny to me. What would happen if it ever snowed in LA? Perish the thought, there would be mass hysteria. People here have ALOT of trouble driving in the rain, life would come to a complete hault I am sure.

Needless to say, with no indoor or covered arena I will not be riding for a while. The horses are all snug in thier dry warm stalls, however, I think they would rather be outside running around in the mud. Sorry, handwalking and saddlewalking the property only for a while. The rings have inches of standing water as well as the paddocks. Amazingly, yesterday there was a break in the rain, and I was able to get them both out to stretch thier legs. Mazzy didn't care much and was pleasant to walk, Kylie wanted to plow me over. Better get used to it girls, I think you may be in for a while.

Luckily, I am far from a mudslide prone area!


Desert Rose said...

Ya...the water has no where to go here so it just stays on the surface it fell on! I do expect the wash to be a river at the end of this!!!

Paint Girl said...

Wow! Lots of rain!
That is so funny that they say not to leave your house, we get non-stop rain here, and are only told to not leave our houses when it snows!
Hope it dries up there soon!

fernvalley01 said...

Iguess its what you get used to , but stay inside in a rainstorm???
Oh well ,I hope you get a break soon and the mudslides sound scary! Stay safe

storybeader said...

glad mazzy and kylie are ok. Looks like a mess out there {:-(

Chrissy P. said...

HAHA!! So glad the rain has finally stopped this week! Your poor horses, I hope they are finally able to get out & about!

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