Monday, March 1, 2010

Favorite Scents

Isn't it amazing how certain smells transport you to another time or place? Nothing is more memorable than smell.

I love the smell of rosemary. I can't pass my rosemary plant without rubbing it and getting that wonderful woody smell on my hands. Same with Lavender plants.
Ocean air. The scent of salt water at the beach.
The forest. Mmmmm nature...
Both Spiced Pumpkin and Christmas Cookie by Yankee Candle
baking bread is heavenly
the smell of an approaching or just finishing summer rain
Fresh coffee
Puppy breath
Horses (a clean barn full of them) I can't say if its the leather, the fresh shavings, or the hay or the mixture of it all. When I think of the smell I think of barns I've been to back east. Unfortunately, the barn where I keep my horses likes to spread around the manure. It stinks!

Fresh Laundry (clean sheets especially)

What's your favorite scent?


jrosey said...

I ditto ALL of those!! #1 on my list would be the barn followed closely by fresh sheets and lavender. You're so right...amazing what smells can do to make us come alive!

fernvalley01 said...

I think for me the clean smell of a spring rain tops it!

Desert Rose said...

Oh I agree and just love Puppy Breath! What is it about that??? I heard once that it is the mother's sweet milk that we smell and because the have really not had a lot of food yet no bacteria build up yet. Well... kitten breath is just not the same!

Paint Girl said...

I think you pretty much listed all the greatest smells out there! I'll add newly cut grass, even though my allergies kick in after I mow, I just love that smell!
The farm I work for doesn't even smell horsey, I have had so many people tell me how clean it is, and it smells so nice!

Crazy Horse Girl said...

Hands down, I love the smell of a horse.

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