Monday, August 30, 2010

Downtown LA and Queen Mary Bead Show

I've been trying to kick the jewelry making back into gear. So I made a trip to downtown LA to get some supplies and inspiration. Although very interesting, it is not the best area. We started out in the fashion district and went to a bunch of stores around Maple and 8th, but all they had was junk. I've been to this area once before, and thought the same thing, but figured it had been quite a few years, so I wanted to check it out again. Found nothing that I wanted there, so back to the jewelry district. I went to my favorite wholesaler up there and of course found plenty of beads I couldn't live without! However, vintage equestrian findings were what I was in search of and found nothing. No surprise.

We talked to this interesting guy out in front of his house. He is a iron sculpture who lives in the Arts District near the Barker Block lofts. He used to live in that trailer on top of the building. He says the area is getting alot better, but I still wouldn't want to walk around alone.

In case this picture is too small to see...the signs read "Legalize LA" and "Immigration Reform Now!" Notice the line of hoopties on hydraulics that happen to be driving by in the foreground. I cannot get through LA without getting fired up about this. I am not anti-immigrant, but I am anti-illegal immigrant. Illegal is illegal plain and simple, it is breaking the law.

I got a laugh at this older man's jacket.

"ARROUND THE CORNER" need I say more?

Whew! The next day, there was a bead and gem show aboard The Queen Mary in Long Beach. Cool! I had never been on the Queen Mary, and admission to the jewelry show included admission to the rest of the Queen Mary. I found some cool box clasps, and some nice turquoise strands. Chad even got something! An anciet silver amulet from Tibet. We put it on a leather cord, and it looks really cool. Afterwards we had fun exploring the old luxury cruse liner imagining what it might have been like when it sailed across the atlantic in the 1930's.
We then enjoyed happy hour in the harbor.


RE - Pod313 Tech Tips said...

I Love the Queen Mary. I spent a night onboard in a suite stateroom in the late 90's. it was grand. I also went on the Haunted Queen Mary tour which was fascinating, since it took you into often avoided and non seen areas of the ship; like the engine room, the galleys and also the hospital where a passenger is said to be moaning.

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