Friday, August 13, 2010


Mazzy is doing well. She is extremely content and quiet and really seems to be enjoying her down time. I still use a chain on her when we go out to graze, just in case she decides to leap into the air and start bucking (which she has been known to do), but lately she has been perfectly behaved with no outbursts. There are also alot of stallions on the property, which is something I am not used, so I need to make sure I have full control. So far, they all seem to be completely well behaved and unphased by Mazzy. We shall see how things change when she is in heat. There is one that ran in the Kentucky Derby, stabled right next to where I take her to graze and he doesn't seem to even notice her.

I popped in to visit her at an unusual time yesterday and still not one poop in her stall (so this confirms that they don't just clean it right before I come). Normally I would worry about colic when her stall is always so spotless, but they have guys that are constantly cleaning the stalls. So nice, and it really eliminates almost all of the flies.



Marissa said...

She looks beautiful! That facility sounds so nice. What I would give to have someone there all day long following Tucker around with a pitch fork and muck tub....

allhorsestuff said...

Pretty, pretty Mazzy mare in her dapples!
I noticed Wa's the other day too.

Well good..she looks great, and glad that she is doing so well. At such a nice facility, I know they document the amount of poo piles, in any given ya!

Nice...thanks,so happy to hear Tara!

Mountain Woman said...

I'm so glad she is doing well and she looks absolutely gorgeous and glowing. It's funny you should mention stallions because I'm learning about geldings and mares. Never knew how pushy they could be with the girls because I thought they'd be marshmallows. So wonderful to see your pictures.

Stephanie said...

SO glad to hear that Mazzy is recuperating nicely! What a NICE place...
She sure does look pretty with her summertime dapples :)

Marg said...

Your jewelry is lovely but I would rather hear about the horses. I have been doing horses all my life. Mazzy is just lovely. That is a lovely place where she is too.
Have a great day.

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