Monday, September 13, 2010

Treasure Hunting for Mixed Media Necklaces

I've been on the hunt for cool and unusual things to incorporate into my new line of jewelry - vintage buttons, coins, antique pins, trade beads, and pieces of vintage jewelry. This jewelry is a combination of the old and new, of contrasting textures and colors, repurposed, reclaimed, redefined, reimagined. They are all one of a kind made with unique materials.

Vintage Inspired Equine Couture Necklace - SOLD

Horse Treasures Bracelet - SOLD

I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market this weekend, and it was a bit overwhelming. I was looking for vintage equestrian jewelry or even broken pieces to incorporate into my new designs, but wasn't able to find much with horses. There are over 2,500 vendors there, tens of thousands of people, and tons of junk to sift through. Some people are better than others at "treasure hunting", I am not very good at sifting through junk. I got frustrated pretty quickly. The stuff that was neatly organized, was priced accordingly (high), so basically in order to find a bargain, you had to dig through lots of junk to find a treasure. Some vendors had big boxes filled with trinkets a foot deep. I think I would need gloves to dig through that, not knowing what lurked beneath.


fernvalley01 said...

The new peices are lovely! The market sounds like a lot of work to find your treasures. I find it amazing how you can just see a button or trinket and know it will work in a jewelry peice

Fine Diamond Jewelry said...

All these jewelry are unique. Nicely used unusual things into the jewelry.

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