Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing all of you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving! I am very thankful for my wonderful husband, family (furry & human) and friends!

I am thankful for our troops who cannot be with their families for Thanksgiving. They continue to work tirelessly to protect our freedom and to protect the citizens of Iraq from attacks, risking their lives for ours. They are true heroes and I am so thankful for them.

I spent my Thanksgiving with my second family at the firehouse. Everyone pitched in and made something and we had a delicious meal. Tons and tons of food, two turkeys (one deep fried), ham, yams, a couple different kinds potato dishes, stuffing, rolls, green bean casserole, spinach salad, homemade mac and cheese, cranberry sauce, etc. and so many desserts with about 10 pies left over. Actually it was almost nauseating to see so much food.

Robert deep frying the turkey (not 5 minutes after this, they got an emergency call for a fire from a deep fried turkey. The people were doing it on the balcony of their condo...duh! Set off the sprinkler system of the whole complex. Many people were going to come home to a very wet condo tonight):
I also rode along on a call. The emergency comes out from dispatch...person trapped in vehicle. A lady went into Vons grocery store...literally. Another case of oops I thought I was going in reverse but I floored it in drive! That to me should be immediate suspension of license. She wedged her car between Vons and a pillar and was traped. I wonder as she jumped the curb if that wasn't an indication she wasn't going in reverse. I also wonder why you would floor your car in reverse to get out of a parking space, because to get her car to jump the curb and crash into the building she had to have floored it! It was wedged in so tight it could not be driven out or pushed out, a tow truck had to pull it out. I am so thankful for the wonderful firefighters that have patience, because they were so kind to this lady, and honestly I wanted to ask her do you know you could have killed someone??? Good thing no one was on the payphone, because their Thanksgiving wouldn't be too happy - smush.

So tomorrow is black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. This is the day where people get up an 3:00 in the morning to get the biggest and best deals.

But why leave the house when you can get really cool handcrafted items right from the comfort of your home? So in the spirit of the season, I will be offering a huge sale in my etsy store... 10% off all items in my shop, plus free shipping on purchases over $50 in the US!!! Please contact me before purchase so I can adjust the price (I'll change the price through Paypal).


Mountain Woman said...

Thanks for sharing your holiday with us. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures with your second family at the firehouse.
That was some car accident too!
I hope everyone does visit your Etsy shop today instead of rushing to the stores. It's much better to support our hardworking blogger/entrepreneurs.

allhorsestuff said...

Hi Tara, not the usual Thanksgiving! I have always wanted to taste one of those deep fried Turkeys! Thanks for sharing your holidys with us !

While I was in beauty school..
we had the same thing happen.I was in a hair station near the front windows..floor to ceiling kind. Looked right to the parking lot.
An older woman had accidentily put her car in drive...and wondered "why is my car rocking when I put the gas on??" she gunned it and we all ran from the windows! She must have had the parkling brake on too!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

moxylyn said...

How exciting!1 Although not so pleasant for the people in the condo or the lady driving the car...

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