Thursday, November 6, 2008

L.A.H.J.A. Senior Medal Finals - Round 1

Kylie and I competing in the LAHJA Medal Finals last year (I didn't have my camera tonight to take any photos)

I went to go cheer on my barnmates competing in the LAHJA Medal Finals tonight. It was a tough course, so I didn't feel horribly bad that I was not competing this year. The juniors went first, there were 41 of them to go and Cayla Richards & Asparagus (trained by Archie Cox) is sitting in first. Taylor Harris & Gaudi (trained by Elvenstar) is currently in second, and Demi Stiegler & Vigo (trained by Robyn Stiegler) in third. Vincent Woodgrift rode well but the horse he borrowed did not want to cooperate and he ran out at the coop/purple flowers option fence. For the seniors, Laura Fairbanks & Ferris 16 (trained by Betsy Woods) is in first with Laura Mormann & Vindoctro (trained by Elvenstar and also won the Foxfield Finals a few weeks ago) in second and Bess Hopmans (trained by Far West) in third. My barnmate Jennifer rode great, and was just out of the ribbons, and Ali had a rail, which was a bummer because her course was quite good.

The Medal Finals consist of two qualifying rounds using the open numerical scoring system. There are four judges (two teams of two) officiating in all rounds. All participants will return for the second round. There will be a third round of the top ten riders plus any rider with an average score of 80 or above from rounds 1 and 2. The second round is Friday night and top 10 on Saturday night. It is a LONG drawn out finals - 3 late nights.


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