Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Personalized Photo Scrabble Tile Pendant

I've been having so much fun making these custom photo pendants! Just email me a picture and I'll make it into a pendant. Or you can send me a photograph or image and I'll scan it and the original will be returned to you.

Made on recycled wood Scrabble tiles with graphics sealed in a thick glass-like coating sealed for durability.

Most of the ones I have done have been horses or dogs, but I did one family portrait that came out nice. Of course, you could get your child's picture or artwork or other loved one.

$15 in my Etsy shop (includes chamois necklace or chain).

Kacy and Wa



fernvalley01 said...

I might have to search through all my photos , or just send them all(lol)

allhorsestuff said...

Tara...I have many friends I think I may bestow your Personalized horse pendant to!
KacyK w/ WA-shashe mare~

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea for the pendants!

Stephanie said...

ohhhh... I really like these! I am going to search my files for the perfect photos!

Kathleen Coy said...

Yes, they are a lot of fun to make! Yours look great, btw!

Desert Rose said...

Hay... thanks for stopping by!!! Where are you in SC??? Also Is MT.Baldy in ID ???

Donna said...

Hi there! Found you through a couple other blogs I follow. Love the jewelry, the dogs and the horses, three things I am also passionate about (although I don't have your creativity, I do love pretty things). Adding you to my blogroll.

CharlesCityCat said...

Those are really nice. I have a very nice head shot of my old pally that would look really great.

Uh oh, I could get into trouble.

Mountain Woman said...

Oh, I have to have one of those. Send your readers over cause tomorrow the contest opens for a piece of your beautiful jewelry.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

What a great idea, they're beautiful!

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