Friday, August 28, 2009

Blog Carnival - My Favorite Food

Thanks to Stormy Designs for hosting the EtsyBloggers August 28th Blog Carnival!

I would have to say sushi is my favorite food, at Katsu-ya in particular. I don't go there very often, it is a bit far, it is always packed to the gills with a long wait, the parking situation is terrible and there about 100 sushi restaurants between my house and Katsu-ya, but on special occasions, that is the place. It is by far my favorite. I am going there next week and I am am so looking forward to it!

They have some unique concoctions. Here are some of my favorites....

Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice with Jalapeno - Hands down the best sushi creation ever made! Honestly it is a celebration in your mouth!

Baked Crab Hand Roll - Baked snow crab lightly kissed with Chef’s signature sauce wrapped with rice in soy paper... One taste will leave you wanting more.

Honey Hand Roll. Baked crab, spicy tuna, creamy avocado wrapped in a black sesame-flecked soy paper. Luscious.

Spicy Albacore with Crispy Onion. Packed full of flavor, the textures meld together well.

Crispy Sesame Tuna. Spicy tuna and creamy avocado on a crispy wonton.
Seared Tuna With Japanese Salsa - Seared tuna sashimi served with fresh tomatoes, cilantro and avocado
The weird thing is I don't think I've ever ordered traditional sushi here, thier specials are so delicious I never have room for sushi I can get anywhere else.


Julia said...

Oh my! On my. I love sushi! I could eat it almost every day. Those all look spectacular!

storybeader said...

sushi is always so pretty. I like to savor the plate, too! {:-D

Mountain Woman said...

Now I'm starving!

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