Monday, August 31, 2009

Stable Spotlight: Stargate Sport Horses

Stargate Sport Horses, the Texas premier dressage and breeding facility, is located just north of the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex in Bartonville Texas.
Main Barn
The premier Show Horse and Stallion Barn has 20 stalls, two climate-controlled tack rooms, two large tiled wash racks, laundry room/kitchen and conference room as well as bathroom facilities complete with a shower. Each stall measures 13' x 14' and has its own owner's grooming closet/tack locker. The facility is well-ventilated and has cross ventilation North to South and East to West with industrial fans in each stall that automatically turn on when the temperature in the barn reaches 80 degrees. Each stall has an outside door and over-hanging porches encircling the barn deflect direct sunlight from the stalls. This state-of-the-art building is well equipped with modern features such as an industrial fire suppression system, an overhead fly-control system, security cameras, security motion sensors and commercial washer and dryer.

Training Barn
The Training Barn has 20 stalls measuring 12 X 12 with each having its own owner's grooming closet/tack locker. The training barn is also equipped with industrial fans in each stall as well as a fire suppression system, overhead fly-control system and a security camera. Designed with canopy roof, the overhead cross ventilation keeps stalls at a comfortable temperature even on the hottest Texas days. The large outdoor wash bay will service four horses at a time. For comfort and convenience, the training barn tack room/break room is air-conditioned and has a bathroom/shower as well as a commercial washer and dryer.

Indoor Arena & Viewing Area
For year round comfort, the indoor arena is climate-controlled with central air. The riding area measures 200' X 100' of custom cushion footing. Both the rear and front arena walls have mirrored panels across the entire width of the arena. For training and event purposes, the arena is also equipped with a sound and P.A. system. The custom viewing area, complete with kitchen and bar, can also function as an entertainment and conference room as well as a library and area for viewing videos. Event officials can enjoy the comfort of an office and a guest room located within the viewing area.

Outdoor Arena
The outdoor arena measures an amazing 450' X 500' of all-weather cushion footing. An in-ground watering system maintains consistent footing, and this area is more than large enough for both the large Dressage arena as well as a large jumping area.

Jumping Arena complete with Jumping Chute
Adjacent to the indoor arena is a jumping arena. The jumping chute located in this arena allows for free-jumping of horses…an excellent training tool to build jumping confidence. Stargate's own custom cushion footing is used in this area as well.

Covered Round Pen & Uncovered Round Pen
The round pens provide an excellent controlled environment in which to exercise horses or practice ground-work of young horses. Clients also enjoy lunge line lessons in the confines of the round pens.

Covered Walker
The Euro-Walker provides for horses to be walked freely and without restraint in all kinds of weather.

Thirty fenced paddocks, from a quarter-acre to 20 acres, surround the main barn and provide for each horse to be turned out separately on a daily rotational basis. The pine fences, coated with a special preservative formula, are comprised of sturdy 2" X 6" boards.

Breeding Barn and Lab
Stargate has an on-site breeding and collection facility. The state of the art breeding program insures semen is collected, processed and shipped to customers as fresh as possible.


fernvalley01 said...

Just stunning ! wow that is an amazing facility!

jrosey said...

Oh. My. Goodness. You are makin' me drool with each one of these posts. This place looks AMAZING!!!! They thought of everything didn't they?! Time for me to start playing the Lotto. ;)

Julia said...

Sigh... That looked like Moe in the cross ties. I wish.

Thanks for a great drool worthy post.

Hey Five, check out my show ribbon post.

Desert Rose said...

Sure makes me fell like a poor country bumpkin!!!

Mountain Woman said...

All I can say is Wow! I couldn't even begin to imagine how expensive boarding would be.

Donna said...

Wow indeed! These pictures remind me of some I saw of Martha Stewart's "barn". She had Thanksgiving dinner in there one year, that's how nice it is!

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