Sunday, August 30, 2009

Los Angeles Wildfire Rages On

Fire above JPL

When I walked out of the house this morning I knew the fire was getting much worse. I could barely even see the houses across the street because the air was so thick with smoke. The heat-driven fire nearly doubled in size overnight and has now burned burned 35,000 acres of bone-dry brush in the mountains above five towns, a 10-mile stretch from La Crescenta to Pasadena, the California Fire Department said. The La Canada Flintridge fire is only 5 percent contained. Mandatory evacuations are in effect in La CaƱada Flintridge, Pasadena, La Crescenta, Altadena, Glendale and Big Tujunga Canyon.

A massive plume of smoke can be seen for miles and bits of ash descended on cars as far away as downtown Los Angeles. The air quality for cities surrounding the San Gabriel Mountains is deemed unhealthful by the regional air-quality agency. I went out this morning to check on the horses and felt like I smoked a pack of cigarettes by the time I got there. I hosed them off and they seem content, but I'm sure their eyes are burning because mine sure are! I always worry about all the animals effected by these fires. They are helpless.

No matter where you drive there are people pulled over everywhere checking out the fire at all times of the day and night. Some less intelligent people even pull over right on the freeway and get out to take a look! Any road that has a view is congested with spectators. The massive mushroom cloud of smoke looks like a volcano erupted!

On our way home last night you could see the flames.

God Bless the firefighters and all of their hard work in these grueling conditions!


Julia said...

I continue to keep you and all your animals in my thoughts. I hope for everyone's sake this fire dies soon!

Split Rock Ranch said...

OMG - stay safe. I'm praying for you.

Desert Rose said...

I am so worried for you and your horses!!! I am sure you have your escape plan...but but still I worry!

Twisted Fencepost said...

This is so terrible. I am praying for all of you! I hope it is under control soon!!!!

fernvalley01 said...

Stay safe and well, and my prayers are added to the rest for the firefighters and families affected .

Mountain Woman said...

I've been hearing so much about the fires and hoping none of my blogger friends were in danger. I can't even begin to imagine how terrible it must be for everyone including the animals and how dangerous it must be for our brave firefighters.

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