Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stable Spotlight: Martha Stewart's Barn

Once called Sycamore Farms, Martha’s property was first settled in 1784 and is known locally, today, as Cantitoe Corners. (Cantitoe was the wife of an Indian chief named Katonah who lived in the region in the 1700s.) With rolling fields and swaying sycamore trees, the property is one of the finest in the region, adjacent to the home of fashion designer Ralph Lauren. It is located in Bedford, NY. People like Glenn Close, Chevy Chase, Tommy Mattola and Clive Davis have sprawling properties here, as do Meredith Vierra and Donald Trump.

The entrance to the stables in winter.

She has had four miles of carriage roadways built on the property and she imported 100-year-old white cedar paddock fencing from Canada to create grazing paddocks for her five Friesen horses, also from Canada, named Meindert, Martyn, Rinze, Rutger and Ramon.
Martha's stable manager, Betsy Perreten, rides past the chestnut trees with Martha's neice, Kristina (shown at left) and Kristina's good friend Tabitha.

The stable interiors were designed and built by a British company Louden.

Martha occasionally entertains in the stables, which are climate-controlled and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. While planning the stable's construction, Martha had envisioned it, with its extra-high ceilings and broad cruciform shape, as a place where she could entertain guests as well as keep her horses. In anticipation, she installed a kitchen right in the barn.
The kitchen in the stables.

Most pictures are from The Martha Blog


WarPony said...

Wow. If I had a barn like that I'd never be in the house.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh that looks soooo cool to eat high suppers and feasts-in the stable!!!

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Andrea said...

Well, You didn't know that my barn in my backyard looks just like that one? LOL!! hahahahhaa!! Wow, that is one beautiful barn!

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