Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fire, Laura, Remodeling

A quick catch-up on the weekend. The Station Fire continues its journey in the mountains. This is the second recent fire I have discussed which originally started in La Canada and has made its way all the way across the San Gabriel Valley to the barn where the Morris fire was threatening the barn where I keep my horses last week. I am so very ready for these fires to be done. Out. A memory. The road was closed to EVERYONE this weekend to the barn, so I couldn't even getup there! The fire has consumed 160,357 acres at this time. Containment is at 56%. It is the largest fire in the recorded history of Los Angeles County. Cause: Arson and is now a homicide investigation due to the two firefighters that lost their lives. We will be attending the memorial service this Saturday.

My friend Laura was in town this weekend. It is always so nice to spend time with her. We did some wine tasting at Red, White + Bluezz while listening to Eli Brueggmann and then finished off our evening with a Champagne flight at Pop.

The remainder of our weekend was spend sanding, stripping and painting our laundry room walls and trim. We got new windows to replace the drafty louvered windows, and a new door. We are about half-way through the project and it is looking much better already. We ripped up three layers of the ugliest linoleum you have ever seen and now have to figure out what kind of floor we want. Can't be tile or anything too heavy due to the large trap door in the floor that leads to the basement. We are leaning towards a wood floor to match the rest of the house. Still need to stain and varnish the windows and doors.

Murphy has a new friend, his name is Baxter McLovin. He is my friend Michele's puppy and lives across the street. They have had several play dates and are so cute together!


Stephanie said...

I really hope those fires get under full control soon! Definately very scary and just the thought that someone strted it on purpose...

Hampers said...

Nice blog with a nice picture and a cute pup. It was nice going through it. Keep it up the good work.

Paint Girl said...

I really hope they can get the fires under control! It made me so mad when I heard it was arson. I just don't get it.
Looks like you got a lot accomplished! We have been wanting to re-model our kitchen. Will be on hold until I get a job. A lot of work, but so worth it!!!

storybeader said...

you two ladies look like sisters! But I guess you get that all the time!

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