Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It is so hard to see a beloved friend go

Animals and their love stay in our souls, once we've let them in. And we are better for it, more complete, more whole, more compassionate, and often transformed. Loving this much, we also know the searing pain of losing them.

My thought is that one fine day we shall see them again, and that my dear, Kylie, just went on ahead.

Two wonderful friends sent me flowers last week. It was so unexpected to see them on my front porch and really made me smile. I was overwhelmed and so thankful for their thoughtfulness.

Over the weekend I got a call from the vet with the autopsy results and thankfully it revealed something that was a complication from the colic surgery and not something that they could have fixed in a second surgery. It actually did bring some piece of mind that truly there was nothing else that could have been done for her. I felt that the vet was sincere, when he expressed how bad he felt that he was not able to save her.

It is hard to go to the barn and see her empty stall, but I am thankful I have her daughter, Mazzy to bring me happiness and help fill the void Kylie has left.

After a week off of riding due to rain, I had three great rides in a row with Mazzy on Saturday, Sunday and yesterday. She is on the upswing right now and feeling better, stronger, and much easier every time I ride her.


Anonymous said...

Glad you have Mazzy for some comfort. Sending best wishes and thoughts.

fernvalley01 said...

Good to know all that could be done was done. And I am so pleased to read that MAzzy is doing well.Such a comfort to have Kylie's Legacy in her

Desert Rose said...

I been busy with out of town guest and not checking blogs...I am so sad and sorry for your loss of your beautiful Kylie! I did not comment on any of the posts but read them all. You did everything you could to give Kylie the chance for recovery but that does not help much with your loss. I lost my 20 year old gleding in a tragic way...I know how you are mourning your will take as long as it needs to for healing.
Prayers & hugs!

sega61 said...

So sorry for your loss. Our horses are like children, to us anyway. Hugs and kisses. Time will help heal your wounds.

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