Friday, April 15, 2011

Results of Kylie's necropsy and Mazzy is jumping

Since I have Mazzy to take care of and ride, I am forced to go to the barn. I don't know if it would be quite that easy to go there if I did not have something to focus on other than Kylie's empty stall. I am greatful for everyone at the barn that has been respectful of me not wanting to talk about it, or even acknowlege it for that matter. When the subject has come up, I can't fight back the tears. Last weekend Kylie's first vet came to the barn to visit some friends. I was very sad when I had to switch vets, because we both loved her and she had know Kylie since the beginning when she did her pre-purchase exam, but she no longer practices due to raising her family. I have seen her regularly over the years since she has kept her horses at Kylie's barn. Anyway, she expressed her condolences and of course, I had a major breakdown. So many memories.

I did find out the results of Kylie's necropsy. There were a few things the vets thought they might find that was causing her to be so sick after the colic surgery and not recovery normally. What they did find was that at the point where the colon was resectioned, the opening had decreased from the initial six inches to two inches after surgery. So the food wasn't passing through very easily causing alot of pain. This may have been caused because she had a lot of reflux and could not eat for days and days after surgery. Since 95% of her large colon was removed, there was not enough left to repair it. It does give me a bit of comfort knowing there was nothing that a second surgery could have done for her.

Mazzy has been coming along really, really well. For the past few weeks, I have had great lessons on her! Last week I jumped my first line with her, including a 2'9" oxer, so exciting! My trainer has been doing such a great job with her. Mazzy was on a plateu of learning for quite a while, but it seems as though she is on the upswing of things. Her lead changes are coming so easily. Her jumping corrordination is improving. She is cantering away from the jumps instead of coming to almost a dead halt after landing. She is holding herself up alot better, instead of relying on the rider. I don't feel like I have to direct her every single step of the way (only every other, haha). And most importantly she seems to really be enjoying what she is doing. Just over the past few weeks I have felt a such a huge change in her.


Marissa said...

Mazzy is adorable! So glad you have her to help you get through this.

fernvalley01 said...

Hugs. ANf yaya for Mazzy! What a wonderful girl, she is quite lovely too. Glad you are enjoying her

Corinna said...

kylie was such a beautiful grey! and i think it is wonderful her legacy can be carried on with her daughter.

xo, corinna

p.s. also really jealous of mazzy's lead changes! my boy just hates to heave-ho his back end over! it has been a frustrating 2 year training process...

allhorsestuff said...

Look at that Gorgeous Mazzy! She has come so far through much.
You are so forturnate to have her to heal your heart.

I too would be weeping Wilma...I just stopped weeping over our little kitty's been a year, last week. Gosh i get attached. When you know they fought to stay and how terribly hard it was for them..that makes the heart ache in memory.

Your lovely Kylie lives on in her filly and always in your heart!

Desert Rose said...

Life is a circle and we just go around and round. We have 2 new "kidlets" in our home now after losoing Oliver & Suzy Q last spring. We still miss them terribly but our new girls are full of love and snuggles. Continue on your path with Mazzy she sounds so wonderful!

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