Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mazzy goes to the Foxfield Horse Show

I took Mazzy on a field trip this weekend. We loaded up early on Saturday to meet some barn mates and my trainer at a horse show. I figured the the new environment would be a good experience for her. She was perfectly behaved with no preparation (no lunging, etc.). I just unloaded, tacked up and got on. She didn't seem phased at all by the new surroundings, which according to some people are very spooky. I actually do know of  some horses that do not tolerate that horse show. I rode her around the warm up arena and also got into one of the rings during a break. The timing couldn't have worked out any better. I was very proud of how good Mazzy was. Next horse show, she may actually compete! The facility hosts a few horse shows throughout the year and my favorite medal final which I have competed in a few times in the past. Hopefully I will return one day to compete in the medal finals with Mazzy. Although I had been to this facility several times before, I just learned that the original Robin Hood movie, starring Errol Flynn, was filmed on the property years ago, and a portion of the grounds is still referred to as “Sherwood Forest.”
The only mishap was when I was picking out her feet she stepped on my toe. I had to lance the nail when I got home to release the intense pressure the trapped blood was causing, and just in time for sandal weather I will be loosing my nail.

Since I did not take any photos, below is a clip from when I showed Kylie there.


Anonymous said...

Good idea to get her out and about - sounds like she was a star! Sorry about the nail :(.

fernvalley01 said...

Nice to read she did so well. Great idea to "show her the ropes" first!

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