Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mazzy Jumping

Here is some video from my lesson on Saturday. We have alot to work on, but I am really happy with Mazzy's progress. I am still trying to figure out her stride, and how to help her jump better out of a deeper distance. My trainer has been working on her adjustability and teaching her that sinking deeper into the tack and taking a feel of her mouth means shorten her stride and rock back.  We have also been working on her cantering away from the jumps, which she has been doing really good the past week or so. Previously, she would either land in the trot or almost come to a complete halt after a jump. She still does this if I pat her, or tell her she is a good girl. I try to practicle patting her on the neck while cantering, which sounds really easy, but it feels like patting my head and rubbing my belly because as soon as you pat her she wants to walk.    


fernvalley01 said...

She seems to be coming along well. She is a very pretty moving horse too

allhorsestuff said...

Hello TARA!
I was so tickled to get your comment the other day..sorry it took me so blasted long to come by. Spring has sprung and Easter here..the salon is very busy!

Look at you two! She is looking so very good. Both of you are. Mazzy mare, she just looks like she needs to build more stamina.
Too funny about the patting and her thought process of-"oh good, stop and rest"!

Keep up the good work! I was wondering if you had time to make any horse photo necklace charms?

I can't wait to start jumping again too...need my saddle! The Co. they now are back logged for another month to complete making my saddle. ANSUR is having an explosion of orders!

Marissa said...

Mazzy looks great! What a good little girl you have!

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