Friday, July 30, 2010

Visit with Mazzy

Through the guarded gate....

One of the many horse farms along the way:

The side of one of the barns:
It was such a beautiful evening last night and just the right temperature...peace and quiet:

I went to visit Mazzy last night and she seems very content. Walking into the barn it is bug free, dust free, cool and peaceful. There is just the sound of horses munching hay and fans blowing. What a wonderful place for a horse to recover. If I ever need a lay-up that is where I want to go! Mazzy's caretaker said she was very quiet and relaxed...that was until I got there and started feeding her carrots. Then she became naughty Mazzy knocking her foot against the door for more treats! It is so nice not to have to worry about that part of her recovery!
It is very hard to get a picture of Mazzy in her stall, she needs to be VERY close at all times.I gave her some food to distracted her:
Checking out the view:

She has a view of the bull pen:

The stalls are cleaned all day long - her stall is always spotless!


Mountain Woman said...

It sure does look like a beautiful place to recuperate. Wow, absolutely gorgeous. I'm glad Mazzy is settling in.

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