Monday, December 29, 2008

STOLEN Andalusian

I received this email from a friend and wanted to publicize it as much as possible.

A friend of mine had a young Andalusian stallion stolen from her yard. These men cut a chainlink fence to get to this horse. My friends property is like a maze of stalls and the horse was not visible from the street. It is believed that some men looking to buy a different horse she had for sale, may have come back and stolen Marty. They were very interested in him and tried to get her to sell him to them. He was not for sale. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you
STOLEN Andalusian stallion.........
Mateo- 4 yr old medium gray Andalusian stallion, no white markings on him. aprox 16h very calm and sweet temperament long mane in knots and he may have wire scrape on his left side as there was hair on the cut fence.
He was stolen from Grey Ladies Andalusian Holly Haynes (951) 351-9998, Nuevo, CA.
We may have a description of the truck and trailer used:
White extended cab pick-up, 2 door with a large tank in the bed . The tank takes up most of the bed and is painted white.
The trailer was a bumper pull but what was unique about the white trailer is that it has big dark blue stripes horizontally along the sides. it look to have a big dressing area and be a 2 or 3 horse
3 men main one in the group looks black 5'8" and did most of the talking 2 other men were with him looked to be white. They stopped by to look at horses and used Ray Arris's name claiming to be great friends with him
Holly has spoken to Ray Aris and it is no surprise that he does not know our "persons of interest"
Ray says he makes a habit to always have his guests (potential buyers) sign a guest book and take a picture of them next to one of his horses............. Maybe writing down a Vehicle license plate would be a good idea too as the thieves definitely knew what they were after and were very prepared !!! In our search it was stated that there has been other andalusian horses stolen recently in that area (RIVERSIDE Co., CA.)
Although the search is focused mainly in the southern California area PLEASE send this on to everyone you can as in hopes that someone out there may send this on to someone that may know who is involved
Thank you to everyone for your help and support


fernvalley01 said...

Good Luck! I hope they are able to recover him quickly.

Train Wreck said...

Oh my gosh! That is terrible! I hope the find your friends horse, and the idiots that took him! Didn't they used to hang horse thieves???

Hot Rocks said...

That is awful!! I hope these criminals are caught, your friend must be devastated.

Mountain Woman said...

How awful. I'm sure your friend must be frantic. I know it's not much help because I'm so far away from California, but I'll let the horse people here know about it. Let us know what happens because I'm sure all of us are going to be worried.

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