Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This and That

I'm behind in posting. During the day, I've been keeping busy transitioning my responsibilities at work because my project at Yahoo is ending 12/31. I have been there since mid 2003 with a couple of brief assignments at other clients in between. Due the deteriorating economic climate, Yahoo layed off a couple thousand employees this month and is letting the consultants go too (me). Mass layoffs are always traumatic, so it has been a somber place the past week.

In my non-work hours, I have been making jewelry to fill orders I got at my boutique, riding my horse (my sanity), and attending a few Christmas parties. This year I am neglecting Christmas due to my uncertain employment and because my jewelry boutique burnt me out on decorating, cleaning, and entertaining. So this is the first year we are not having a tree or putting out lights on our house.

I have added a sale page to my website. Check it out for some great bargains.


Latigo Liz said...

I hear ya on the uncertainty! I am trying to get my rhythm beads back up and running again, as well as upping my freelance clientele. Crossing my fingers for you and hoping success comes your way!

allhorsestuff said...

I am with you Tara on all uncertainties abounding. I too am not being festive in the decorating department.
My husband has brought a few items up from the basement..but other than the posintg of the Salon garland I put home has a wreath on the door and that is about it for now...husbands new job has him away till 11pm and evenings were our time to enjoy lights and candles and I am in BED now when he gets here!

You hang too!

Body Natural Soap said...

I understand completely. I work for a national lab and we are facing ever smaller budgets. I was able to hang on last year but I am not so sure this next coming year.

Youniquely Chic said...

Hi, My name is Tara too. Your jewelry is lovely... I too am having a really hard time getting into the holiday spirit. I just started my jewelry business back in August.. talk about bad timing! I open an EBay store and the bottom falls out of the economy. Hopefully next year things will get better... sorry to hear about your troubles!


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