Monday, January 26, 2009

More New Work

Well, I am back to work. I am grateful to be employed, but I sure did like the free time to ride, create and get all the stuff I can never get to done. I was so fortunate to have unseasonably warm sunny weather to enjoy during my few weeks off, it is now back to winter "cold" and rainy.

Here are some more of my recent creations.

Twilight Bracelet Labradorite and Apatite

Sunshiny Days Citrine Earrings

Sunshiny Days Citrine Bracelet

When It Rains Earrings

Inner Circle Necklace

Whisper Sage Prehnite Earrings


Nancy said...

They are all lovely, but love the citrine earrings!

Hot Rocks said...

You have been nominated!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Lovely new pieces :)

Rising Rainbow said...

I could really use some warm weather to ride in. don't think that's going to happen here for months.

Sorry you had to go back to work. Wouldn't life be fun if we could just skip the work part? LOL

BeadedTail said...

They are all so beautiful! Love the citrine earrings especially!

Amie Hartman said...

Lovely pieces! I especially like Twilight.

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