Friday, October 24, 2008

Fridays, best day of the work week!

Oh how I love Fridays! I work late during the week as a negotiation to get off early on Fridays to go ride my horse. It is something I start looking forward to on Mondays (how sad). Today was the first time I was able to ride my horse, Kylie is six weeks due to being layed up for a minor procedure. I am grateful to have had other nice horses to ride and jump and keep myself in shape while she was out of commission, but I tell you its like putting on those comfortable pair of jeans, we just fit together.


Train Wreck said...

Oh don't feel bad about looking forward to Friday on Mon! I look forward to my weekends too and I only work on Thurs & Fri! hahahha! I wore my bracelet this weekend! Everyone loved it! I saved you email with all the colors you sent me!!! Yikes! I have several picked out!! I need to figure out how to get a good picture of it, I will put it on my blog and show it off!! Thanks again!!

Merrie. said...

I love it that you rode a horse named Murphy as that is the name of one of my bulldogs; he is momma's boy:) I just love your jewelry; so pretty; that Train Wreck, ain't she a hoot; I love her Halloween costume!!! Merrie

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