Monday, October 6, 2008

Foxfield Jumping Derby

The Foxfield Derby features a course of obstacles both inside and outside the ring. Divided into one class for Juniors and Amateurs and an Open class, the Derby starts in the sunken, stonewall-lined main arena. After a few conventional show jumping obstacles there, riders jump over a jump on the hill out of the arena to tackle several permanent fences (open water, Irish bank, drops, ditches). These are part of the lovely cross-country course that meanders through the tree-dotted property known as Sherwood Forest. Then it’s down the bank and into the arena for a few final fences. This is no ordinary event! The first three riders fell off, two right into the open water!

Jenny Terry and Harmony in Motion won the Calabasas Junior / Amateur Jumping Derby class in the morning. Astro Boy ridden by Amy Pulliam were the champions of the Foxfield Jumping Derby in the afternoon.Proof of first rider falling off in the water!

Foxfield Jumping Derby

Place Horse Rider

1st Astro Boy Amy Pulliam

2nd Country Girl Holly Scapa

3rd Cahlin T Whitney Coleman

4th Aspen Georgy Maskrey-Segesman

5th Cahlcore Kathy Megla

6th Brady Jenny Terry

7th Guiness Chelsea Galgasq

8th Bingo Bongo Holly Scapa

9th Cavatina Angela Schalllau-Hronco

10th Sight Unseen Lisa Carman


Jen said...

Yikes! That's a pretty amazing picture! I loved horses when I grew up, but recently got thrown off and hurt myself pretty good. I think I'll stick to admiring them from afar :)

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