Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kylie's Nuclear Scan Results

Wow, my head is spinning, I just got the results back for Kylie's nuk scan....and it wasn't what I wanted to hear. I know competition horses, especially ones that jump, are prone to injury (big body and stick legs are a bad combination), but geez. Dr. Greenman said her withers, lumbar, back, stifle, and hocks were fine, HOWEVER, there is alot going on in her left hind (direct opposite leg of her initial injury in the right front). The areas of concern are Kylie's sacroiliac joint (The sacroiliac area is where the pelvis attaches to the spine at the lower back), left hind high suspensory, left hind fetlock/ankle. She needs to do more diagnostics to determine (x-rays and ultrasounds) exactly what is going on in those areas. I am glad that I did the nuclear scintigraphy, because the first vet had no idea where the problem was...neck, back, stifles were her guesses, and then she suggested to inject her hocks. The legs were not even an initial area of concern. Dr. Greenman did an fantastic job fixing up her front leg, I have confidence she is the best vet for Kylie.


Kathy C said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. The nuclear scan is amazing! Wow, I could have used that a few years ago when Gunner was diagnosed with EPM. I am still not sure that's what he had or an injury to his hips/spine that just eventually healed over time.

At anyrate.. I will be back to explore you blog more. LOVE the jewelry!

allhorsestuff said...

Yes...thanks for somehow finding my little blog of horsestuff...I also LOVE the jewlery(dangeriously so) funny you consult fianacially and sell that beautiful stuff too...for some of us that have lack of will power for the finer things...more consulting will be best!
I am sorry about the findings of your horses scan..keep looking into all solutions forsure.
I too will be back..actually, have some insomnia now, so will continue reading on...KK
P.S. am adding you to my favorite horsefaces!

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