Monday, October 27, 2008

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Last night a group of 18 of us went to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. It was a blast. There were all sorts of scare zones, mazes (nightmare on Elm St, Texas Chainsaw massacre, Friday the 13th, House of Horrors) shows, and rides (Jurassic Park In The Dark, Revenge Of The Mummy, The Simpsons Ride). We had a VIP experience package, which included front of the line passes and our own personal tour guide for the whole night. It was the way to go. Most lines were 55 minutes or more, and we never waited for than 5 minutes....fantastic! We also got a private terror tram ride through the back lots of the studio. The tram dumps you off on a path through the Friday the 13th campground; Norman and Mother Bates await you at the Psycho house and multiple Freddy Krugers leap out from the War of the Worlds crash set. The dead and dying abound. The mazes were disgusting and gruesome (not for the feint of heart), but incredibly well done. The costumes were elaborate, and there were literally thousand of creepy characters trying to startle you and chase you with chainsaws. I learned quickly that if you don't want the scary chainsaw clowns to chase you, don't run! The funny thing is I HATE slasher movies, blood, gore and things jumping out at me, but I had a good time.Our group going on Jurassic Park In The Dark do get wet!


Meaghan said...

ive always wanted to do horror nights and I live in FL but never went!

Thanks for entering our giveaway! I gave you all your extra entries :) We will be doing giveaways every week so check back often!

-Meaghan @ Get The Bean

storybeader said...

sounds fun! standing in line is a b---ch! Vote early {:-D

Paige said...

That looks like a blast--way better than Six Flags Fright Nights.

And I am all about some VIP service!

Train Wreck said...

How Fun!! I don't like scary rides, but I bet with a group of friends no would tell if I peed my pants! LOL!!! You have a large group!!

Money Saving Pro said...

That sounds like fun- for those that can take the scare. It reminded of an experience I had with my then 13 and 9 yr old, a few years ago. We went to Halloween night at a corn maze. As we entered, I reminded the kids not to be worried and if they got too scared I'd be there to help them. Yeah, right. About half way through, I got so incredibly scared when this crazy kid, dressed as a axe murderer, jumped out at me from a high wire above. I fell down into a pile of fake bones, jumped up screaming and bounced off a trampoline that was hidden in the ground! I then proceeded to run like a crazy nut, knocking my poor, 9 yr old daughter to the ground in order to escape! I will never be able to live that down! LOL The kids say my husband and the axe murderer fell on the ground together they were laughing so hard. I stay home on Halloween, now. It's best that way!

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