Sunday, October 5, 2008

Foxfield Medal Finals

Laura Mormann on Vindoctro wins the 2008 Foxfield Medal Finals! Jessie White was second. It was a fun day, however, I missed riding in it. It is my favorite medal finals. Entry is earned through qualifiers throughout the year. The Final consists of two rounds of equitation classes, after which division champions are crowned in younger and older age groups. The top 10 overall riders proceed to a work-off for the title of Grand Champion. Foxfield's Medal Finals are unique in that it includes jumps both in and out of the ring. Riders begin the course outside of the ring in the "field" and then jump down a hill into the ring, jump around the course in the ring and then back out over the jump on the hill to complete the course over a few more jumps in the "field". Foxfield does an amazing job at making the competitors feel special, their jumps and ring are beautifully decorated with TONS of flowers, and the show is very well run and organized.I had my jewelry booth set up there, so I had a good view of the ring.

Foxfield Medal Finals Top Ten
Place Rider
Grand Champion Laura Mormann
Reserve Champion Jessie White Zehnder
3rd Nathalie Cooper
4th Sara Knudson
5th Jennifer Jacky
6th Jennifer Parker
7th Laura Fairbanks
8th Elizabeth Dickinson
9th Shannon Davidson
10th Sara Graves Harvey


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