Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sesnon Wild Fire, Southern California

Photo: The New York Times

It's fire season again! My husband, Chad was deployed yesterday on a strike team to the Sesnon Fire in Porter Ranch. I know it is his job, but can't help but worry. The crew spent the night on structure protection, watching a street of houses in case the fire came that way. It is very windy (60 to 80 miles per hour) so the fire is still out of control. There have been at least 18 houses destroyed last I heard on the news, and 5,000 acres burned. There are over 800 firefighters that worked through the night to protect peoples homes, lets keep them in our thoughts and pray for thier safe return. Unfortunately, this is not the only fire burning in the area. It is so sad for the people who have to evacuate and wonder if thier homes will be thier when they return.


allhorsestuff said...

We are praying for you and yours...last night we really were struck by the sight of it on the news. Knowing that loss and danger are abounding there, we are quick to remember all of you= multiple times in a day, sometimes and hour.
Your Chad is a true public servant!
Take care and know that we are with you in spirit~

Anonymous said...

I will have the firefighters and the families who homes are in the path of the fire, in my thoughts and prayers.
May they all be safe.

storybeader said...

that photo is wild! hope you've heard from DH and everything is all right. I'm sure he's appreciated and the firefighting brings him joy and peace, even though it's such a scary thing.

Amber said...

I hope your husband is safe. As scary as it is, that picture has an eerie beauty to it.

Laura said...

WOW. What a scene. I can't imagine it. Praying for you and for your family.

NanjoDogz said...

You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Be safe!

Kgirl said...

I ride too and live in Thousand Oaks but my horse is at my moms and no where near as nice as yours. I love your jewlery and thanks for commenting on my blog!

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

Thank you everyone for all your nice thoughts, I really appreciate it! They seem to be getting the fire contained. Hopefully Chad will be coming home tonight. Calm winds Wednesday kept that and another fire in the San Fernando Valley from making a run toward the sea; the fires claimed two lives, destroyed 49 structures and burned more than 18,000 acres.

Back in the Day said...

I will keep all of you guys in my thoughts and prayers! I see alot of the fires out your way on the news! So devastating!
Keep safe!

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