Monday, October 13, 2008

Featured on the Art Zoo Blog!

Today one of my bracelets is featured on the Art Zoo Blog, a blog that features all sorts of artwork by various artists. I'm honored!!!

The Equestrian Charm Bracelet is one of Five O'Clock Somewhere's signature pieces. The stones and charms may vary, and like all Five O'Clock Somewhere designs no two are identical. This bracelet is made with African Jade and Sterling Silver. The sterling charms include: hoofpick, boot, brush, helmet, saddle, pelham bit, stirrup, horseshoe, and crop. It is finished off with a sterling silver horseshoe toggle clasp. This bracelet can be purchased on my website, or in my Etsy Shop.


Beth said...

I love those charms, what a cute bracelet!

melissa said...

congratulations, on being featured, your bracelet is lovely.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh man...I do love your designs!
If I wern't going to a Dave Ramsey seminar soon...I'd be buying one...but that is why I AM going to the Dave Ramsey thing!
Great eye and style!

Anonymous said...

Tara: You are right! We do have a lot in common. Hey, I'm sorry to hear about your man getting deployed. I know you've gotta be worried sick.

On a lighter note, I looooove your Mazzy girl! Her so purty!

And I'm jealous to hear you are doing the Equitations. I'm hope, hope, hoping to get to that point one day. I have learned to be very, very patient with my goals. Right now, just riding the Gracie girl is a big step in the right direction.

I'm linkin' to your site!
Jana - Anyplace Farm

Kentucky Katie said...

LOVE this bracelet! I need it to wear to Keeneland. To bad I have been spending all my money betting lately...

Train Wreck said...

You design jewelery?! I do to! How fun! Beautiful bracelet, congrats on being featured!

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