Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lots of riding today and teaching Mazzy to tie.

I went out to the barn this morning and rode FIVE horses (more than my usual, which is just one)! It was fun, but I am quite tired now. I then went out to see Mazzy, and tried to teach her to tie, and like it. She didn't like it. She is good on the cross ties, but doesn't like to stand tied. She usually sits back and snaps her leather halter (has done this several times). Interestingly, she doesn't run away, she just doesn't want to be tied. So today, I asked cowboy Bill for some help. He is a wealth of knowledge. He put a rope around her neck which then went through the ring under her chin and then attached to a blocker tie ring. The Blocker Tie Ring works based on the horse’s natural tendency to feel trapped and claustrophobic when tied tight. Unlike other tying options, when the horse pulls hard enough on the Blocker Tie Ring, they can pull some slack in the lead rope releasing pressure and the source of pain and panic. This meathod was far better than the stationary method, which causes her to break her halter. I sometimes forget she is only two because normally she behaves so well, but today she was a terrible two-year-old and tried ever trick she could think of to not stand still including, putting her legs over the poles on the sides, pawing, climbing the wall, pulling back, raming the wall, turning around, getting on her knees, backing into the sides, chewing on the rope and wood etc. She eventually gave in and decided to stand properly. I then took her for a nice walk and gave her lots of treats. I think this is something we are going to be working alot on. There is a little explaination video on how the blocker tie ring works (click here). I've never seen one before, but I think it is a fantastic idea!
Okay, I am on my way to go visit Chad at the firehouse....


Train Wreck said...

Oh What a good idea, I hate when they freak out and pull back. We have all but switched over to rope halters. Just in case. All our horses stand pretty well thankfully. Keep up the good work.
Oh an you might get a few of my friends over here in a little while... I have no idea why...he he!

Train Wreck said...

Anybody come over yet? LOL I just posted a little something for you at my place. Better come see!

allhorsestuff said...

HI there,
Ah yes, the blocker! Those little gems are everywhere in my world. They are safer than solid ties, that is for sure.

My mare, Washashe,had a freak out pull back- just yesterday- while groomig at the trailer. I was picking her feet and she chose to lean on back, almost sat down. It would have been worse if she had hit the end of the tied rope!

I have bought some Real Carabiners,they are larger than the new ones that come with the Blocker Rings, from REI. It makes moving them around very easy without having to use that little pin! I have them on all the trailer ties for my freinds when we trailer out..and I have them inside the trailer as well for the horse that wants to pull back...he hopefully has a head bumper on firstly, but then..he is being released by the blocker so it makes all go so much better!

Thanks sweetie... for asking about my sissy too...well, she is coming back for some more health tests this week. She has no stall for the mare Pantz at the coast so I get to keep her for a while longer...her rig she has no place to park at the coasteither; she is making noises about too...but, I rather think that her sense of control is being tested and I happen to be a source of, hopefully not resentment, but something to be anguished over at present, because of my choice to forgive the owners at my stable and stay on for the winter into...a much longer time, I pray!

I have not posted anything because of my shock and dismay over my sister's attempt to seemingly-punish me....
wow..that was more than ya bargined for huh!
Thanks for asking my dear, and I pray your family is home now and safe together!

I so appreciate your asking about my sister

Mrs Mom said...

Hey! I came over from TW! ;)

OK, so I came by way of clicking on your "following" hoobiedoo too- had to see who that was!

Nice rump on that BIG baby of yours! I LOVE The Blocker Tie Rings, and need to get a few for here.

One other trick that I was taught was to put it up high- way high. That way, when the horse goes to pull back, their front end looses traction, hind end kinda gets "slippy" and they can't break anything- necks, legs, or halters and leads.

I have not tried it yet, but thinking about the mechanics of it- it makes sense in a way.

Five horses.. holy hannah.. I wouldn't be able to walk for about a week, but that Perma-Grin would be plastered on for DAYS! Glad you had such a great time!

Oh- and if I was the type of girl to wear pretty things... dude... I would fill my shopping cart HERE. Wow. Your jewelery is beautiful!

Paige said...

When we teach babies to tie, we use an inner tube to tie them too, and the tube is looped around the railing. This gives them just a little bit of spring to give them slack when they pull

It works with even the most obstinate of those who don't like to be tied.

On the other hand, when I sent one that had learned that way to the reining trainer, she broke every thing in the place--something went wrong with that one!

Magdalen Islands said...

I'm glad I found your site. I have a 1400lb, 17hh Hanoverian gelding who has broken every halter ever put on him, uprooted trees, brought a barn wall in on himself and pulls till he sits or something breaks, then gets up and does it again until something breaks. And he does run when he gets loose:( He is 9 years old and I give up tying him. I came to my wits end finally this spring when he uprooted four, 70 year old trees all at the same time, when I was trying to trim his hooves. I don't think anything can be done about him, but I have youngsters up and coming and I don't want them learning off him. So I'll look in to the blocker tie ring.

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